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Depressed for a reason

By Serge Kreutz (2003)

It is my firm opinion that most people who suffer from depression do so for a good reason. And the reason is not some kind of organic dysfunction but the fact that they are totally tied into a highly unsatisfying personal situation. And there seemingly is no way out.

For most people, the reason for their depression is a lack of sexual satisfaction, and a lack of interest in sexual satisfaction. The two are interconnected in the following manner: a person's permanent sexual partner is not, or no longer, capable of providing sexual satisfaction, simply because of the boredom that has set in. And because a person is caged in traditional moral beliefs, new, exciting sexual partners are ruled out. Thus, the person loses interest in sex overall. Depression sets in.

Depression, of course, is now readily treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac and Zoloft. Because these drugs cause a state of mind that would be adequate for a person with a high level of satisfaction, the need to engage in sexual activities is by-passed.

Of course, the drug-induced state of non-depressiveness is far inferior to what is achieved with a generally healthy and satisfying love-life. Which is why "patients" on antidepressants often seek advice on what to do to re-establish sexual desire and function.

My recommendation: get off selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and consider a healthy variety of sexual partners. To chemically jumpstart your new lifestyle, use some tongkat ali. (amo)

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